- All beds are queen size

- Cots are available for older children

- All bathrooms are within the suite

- WiFi available

- TV is located in the upstairs media room

- Any food allergies are catered to. Both chefs are food handler certified

- Breakfasts are served in the dining room

Hampsher Hotel


The Hampsher Hotel was built in 1915 toward the east end of Krack Street. It was close enough for the traveling salesman who came in on the train to visit clients. Others who did not want to stay in the hotels closer to the depot where it would be dustier from coal driven steam engines would take quarters at the Hampsher.

Over the years, things changed.  Upon the demise of William Miller, the Forrest Railroad Hotel was bequeathed to the Forrest Historical Society.

Today, the hotel welcomes guests to select from one of the four suites, each containing its own bathroom and sitting area.  Upon checking in the guest may wish to check their e-mails from the WiFi, watch a little TV in the media room or select a book from the library.  Often, there are fresh baked cookies, soft drinks or popcorn available for the guests to enjoy.

The parlor and dining room are often rented out for private gatherings, be it a bridal or baby shower, a club meeting luncheon, or ladies get together.  For a larger gathering (30-45) the Garden room is available on the lower level.

The entire facility is handicap accessible with outside ramps and a incline chair elevator.

Railroad enthusiasts will enjoy the train collections and other railroad memorabilia housed in the Depot adjacent to the hotel property.  Directly across the street from the hotel, a renewed caboose sits.